Puffin lets you simply run web applications, such as blogs, forums, chat rooms, file sharing, news readers and many others, which will always be reachable from any location or device.

Getting Started

First you need to login or register. Once done, you can run any application from the catalog with a single click. After that, the application will be available under your subdomain. If you have any questions, feel free to create an issue on GitHub.

Application Catalog

Puffin contains an ever growing list of web applications. Adding new ones is easy thanks to the popular Docker containerization technology - learn more about how to add your own application. Applications are regularly updated. To assure than new version doesn't corrupt the data, an automatic backup is performed.


You can run applications on a managed platform - the service is free and no setup is required. Alternatively, you can choose to launch Puffin on your own server and let your friends run their applications on it.


Keep in mind that this is a demo platform and all data will be regularly deleted. Puffin software is still in the alpha development stage, so it may be unstable - you can track the project's progress on the Blog and in the Code.